Middle School


Real Life Middle School has one goal. To connect students most importantly to God, then to Christian adults, and peers who care about them. We want to reach the world for Jesus one middle school student at a time! We are currently meeting


Wednesday Night Youth Group with Small Groups: Wednesdays 6:00-8:00pm. Located in Building 1.

Info for Middle School Parents

upcoming events & activities:

MS retreat 2019.jpg

Parents, this event is geared to help your student GROW! Time for fun, fellowship, discussion, worship, and more fun! We want your student to be at this event!


- Meet time at Real Life: 4:00pm Friday, April 12th
- Leaving Real Life at 4:45pm on Friday, April 12th 
- Return time at Real Life: 4:00pm, Sunday April 14th


- Drop off & Pick up @ Real Life Post Falls
- We will take busses to River View Bible Camp

- Early Cost is $99 Ends at Midnight on Wednesday, March 20th 
- Regular cost $129 Ends Thursday, April 11th

**Scholarships are not available for this retreat

summer camp logo 2019.jpg 

Summer camp registration is now open! 

July 15 - 19, 2019