Real Life Kids


Biblically Based

Our children’s ministry is founded on the Bible and each age group is taught stories from God’s word at age appropriate levels. Even though we love to have fun, we strive to keep focused on what is most important!


After experiencing Real Life Kids, we believe your child will say that is was the BEST hour of their week!

For the Kids

The elements of our weekend services are designed to keep your child excited and engaged about God’s great story. Our services include components such as music, stories, discussion, games, prizes, and more!


Relationships serve as the foundation for everything we do and are the number one catalyst for growth.

Loving volunteers

Most of our volunteers serve every single week at the same service time because we value consistent relationship. If your child is nervous about becoming a part of Real Life Kids, it wont take long for him to experience the love and be excited to come back week after week.


Real Life Kids has the safest real estate in North Idaho. That’s because we care about your child as much as you do!


Our check-in system includes a two part name tag with matching ticket to make sure your child leaves with you.

Background Checks

Our volunteers are regularly trained on safety standards; this includes emergency procedures and also our discipline policy.